Thursday, February 19, 2009

Model # 1

Here you see our first model which we will experiment on, we chose to use a body which looked similar to a jet plane, considering the fact that they are able to go at incredible speeds they are also very aerodynamic which we took into consideration, we plan to use the long balloons because they are narrow unlike the big bulky balloons which you use at parties, we plan to use 2 of them because we think it would cause the car to go faster, the tires would probably be bottle caps with duck tape around the surface creating more traction, so here is our first model and we will post up a clip of how our model turned out as soon as possible.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

D.A. racing

race car construction is to be scheduled soon....

research and material gathering in process.

-D.A. racing team.
(will leave u guys in the dust soon)

Introduction of D.A INC.

Well hey guys, this is our company, and as you may know its called D.A INC. D for Dominic and A for Anthony. We will be trying to construct a aerodynamic car powered by a balloon. We will be conducting many experiments to ensure that we are using the best possible materials.